Every asphalt roadway construction at one point in time will undergo maintenance repairs. Such maintenance activities can range from surface crack repairs to new asphalt overlay of the existing asphalt roadway.


To delay the formation of surface cracks and prevent existing cracks from moving on to the new asphalt overlay layer, a nonwoven asphalt retention geotextile is typically used. Thrace Group asphalt retention nonwoven geotextile series ARNW is suitable for such an application by offering optimum bitumen retention and excellent mechanical properties. This translates to an increase in the lifetime of the asphalt roadway.


  • Optimum paving performance
  • Project lifetime prolongation
  • Reduced costs for future maintenance works

Nonwoven Geotextiles

Product Name Tensile Strength MD Tensile Strength CD Resistance to Static Puncture Bitumen Retention
AR120NW 8 kN/m 8 kN/m 1600 N 1.1 Kg/m3
AR140NW 10 kN/m 10 kN/m 1800 N 1.2 Kg/m3