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2018 The Company invests in a new Needlepunched Nonwoven line in North America (Thrace LINQ). A 4,5HA expansion is being successfully completed at Thrace Greenhouses, reaching 18,5ΗΑ in total.
2017 Production of injection moulding starts in Ireland (Thrace Synthetic).
2016 The Company invests in a new Needlepunched Nonwoven line and a new Spunbond line in Greece (Thrace NG). Thermoforming production starts in Bulgaria (Thrace Ipoma).
2014 The Group enters the sealing product market with the geosynthetic clay liner (GCL) by establishing Thrace-Eurobent S.A. at Xanthi (51% joint venture).
2013 The Group expands its business activity through the foundation of Thrace Greenhouses S.A.. The new company focuses on the creation of greenhouses for tomato production by applying the hydroponics method and making use of geothermal energy.
2012 Establishment of a new trading company in China, to penetrate the Asian market.
2010 - 2012 Focus in streamlining operations and building the organisational structure that will support the Group's growth within the international economic crisis.
Thrace companies expand their selling network to 80 countries to secure financial health.
2009 Investment in a new Needle-Punched Nonwoven line in North America (Thrace Linq).
2007 Thrace Plastics expands its operations in North America by acquiring Thrace Linq Inc. and 50% of Lumite Inc.
2000 - 2006 The Company expands its international presence in SE Europe with the acquisition of Thrace Ipoma (Bulgaria) and the establishment of Thrace Greiner (50% JV in Romania) and Thrace Plastics Pack Doo (Serbia). Operations in Xanthi facilities embrace new Spunbond and Needle-Punched Nonwovens lines.
2000 The Company penetrates the FIBC market by acquiring Thrace Polybulk (Norway).
1999 With the acquisition of Don & Low Ltd (Scotland), Thrace Plastics establishes its international presence and enters the Nonwovens industry.
1997 The Company penetrates the Rigid Packaging market by erecting a new plant in Ioannina.
1995 Thrace Plastics gets listed in the Athens Stock Exchange.
1992 A third plant is constructed in Xanthi, specialising in the production of Industrial and Carpet Yarns.
1986 The Company enters the PP Technical Fabrics market with the construction of a new facility in Xanthi.
1980 Thrace Plastics opens its first factory, producing PP Woven Bags, Ropes & Twines for the Greek and exports markets.
1977 Stavros Halioris establishes Thrace Plastics Co S.A. in Xanthi, Greece.