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Strech Hood

Strech Hood

A PE film with excellent deformation resistance and thermal stability. Thrace Group Stretch Hood comes with UV resistance for long term exposure to the sun.


Thrace Group Stretch Hood is mainly used in palletisation as it is designed to provide excellent load protection, load stability and load visibility along with good line speed, capital cost and cost per pallet.


  1. Printing potential
  2. UV resistant
  3. Colours: transparent / wide range of colors 
  4. Circumference: up to 4m
  5. Thickness: from 90 up to 200 μm
  6. Easy to handle
  7. Weather protection
  8. Cost reduction
  9. Unitisation of throughput


Palletisation of bagged goods, HDSS, bricks and building products, beverages etc.


  • Thrace Synthetic Packaging Ltd

    Clara, Co. Offaly