Our Mission

Investing in our people, encouraging lifelong learning, collaboration, initiative, and personal achievement.

Having not just products but complete and innovative solutions that adapt to the needs and demands of our customers.

Respect the environment and the societies in which we work and live.

Our Strategy

The principles of Sustainable Development are integrated in the corporate culture of the Group in the whole range of its operation. In this context, and recognizing the impact that our activity has, we seek to implement practices that promote Sustainable Development and commit ourselves through our policies for employees, the circular economy, ethics, product liability, the environment and social action, to remain a reliable social partner.
We contribute to the Circular Economy and the Economy of New Plastics.

We adapt our strategy to achieve the creation of shared value to our stakeholders and the wider market, society, and the natural environment, through our products.

We operate with integrity.
We operate with transparency and business integrity in all our activities.

We create value for our people.
We contribute to employment and create value for our people, ensuring their health, safety, prosperity and development, with respect for human rights, diversity and the provision of equal opportunities.

We operate with respect for the environment.
We assess and manage the risks to the natural environment that may arise from our activity.

We contribute to the local community.
We listen to and respond to the needs of the local community, through ongoing consultation with our stakeholders.


Creating value for Society and the Environment
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