Thrace Synthetic Packaging Ltd.

Thrace Synthetic Packaging Ltd was first founded in Ireland in 1865. The company was involved in manufacturing woven technical fabrics from Jute and producing packaging products from Jute and cotton. Almost 150 years later, Thrace Synthetic Packaging Ltd is still one of the leading producers and suppliers of Technical fabrics and industrial packaging products.



With unrivalled experience in manufacturing and supplying the construction, industrial packaging, food and pharmaceutical industries with technical fabrics and packaging, TSPL can offer the complete range of end of line packaging materials. Our civil engineering and construction related products are world class, backed up with over 40 years of practical experience.



FIBC/Bulk Bags, Groundcover weed control, Frost protection fleece, Geotextiles, Geogrids, Scaffold netting Scaffold sheeting, Windbreak netting, Pallet hoods, Box liners, FFS films, P.E. sacks and bags, Stretch hoods and films, Pallet wrap, EPS food trays, PET film containers, Rope, ARNO Webbing straps, ARNO printed webbings, Cargo Protection Products, PP sacks, Sand bags, Filling Line Equipment, Net bags, Consumer Products. Tarpaulin covers.



Industrial Packaging. Civil engineering. Construction supplies. Food and pharmaceutical packaging.



The main markets of TSPL have traditionally been the UK, Ireland and Western Europe.



Thrace Synthetics offers its customers, decades of experience in designing tailor made packaging and FIBC products for a wide range of different applications. From specialist food and pharmaceutical products to industrial minerals or construction aggregates, our experience team, backed up by the Thrace Groups world renown production facilities, can meet customers most demanding needs. To meet customers growing demands on efficiency in logistics, Thrace Synthetics, continuously presents new ideas and innovations, often in projects in close cooperation with customers. Another of our specialties is our long experience of working with multinational companies, supplying units all over the world. Thrace Synthetics is today the front runner in developing and supplying bulk bags on reel for almost all existing automatic filling lines in the world. With high competence, know-how and a vast range of products, Thrace Synthetics is a total supplier of technical solutions and equipment.

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