Optiflow Bag

The Optiflow bag is a 1-loop big-bag with a special base construction. Outer bag made of UV-protected Polypropylene and inner liner made of Polyethylene. The bag is handled by the loop in the top. The Optiflow bag is considered to be one of the most important improvements of the single loop bag, since it was invented, in the 1970's.


A bulkhandling solution for transporting, storing and protecting bulk products. The Optiflow bag is even more cost effective than the standard 1-loop big-bag


Compared to a standard 1-loop bag the Optiflow bag has the following advantages:


  1. Needs less inflation time before filling operation
  2. More stable due to complete filled out base corners
  3. Optimal utilization results in reduced filling and stacking height
  4. Stretched and fixed liner base leads to faster discharging
  5. Special base construction prevents liner from falling out when discharging.
  6. The construction prevents loose liner pieces to contaminate the product when the base is cut open for discharging 
  7. The bag is immediately emptied completely
  8. No extra time consuming operation needed to fully empty the bag



The Optiflow bag is suitable for bulk products where both the user and the end see the benefit with efficient and clean handling, i.e. Fish feed, seed, food stuff, chemicals, cement, minerals, fertilisers, etc.



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    Clara, Co. Offaly