Press Releases

  • 23

    Conference Call Invitation

    Annual Briefing of Analysts and Institutional Investors Thrace Group announces that the Conference Call for Analysts and Institutional Investors to present the FY 2023 Financial Results will be hosted via teleconference.

  • 23

    Financial Results of year 2023

    Demonstrating Resilience: Strong profitability of 44mil. with recurring EBITDA increase of 2.4%. Proposed annual gross dividend of €0.23 / share

  • 17

    Financial Calendar of Year 2024

    “THRACE PLASTICS Co S.A.” (hereinafter “Company”) announces the Financial Calendar for the year 2024:

  • 26

    Announcement of Market Maker

    THRACE PLASTICS Co S.A informs the investor community that the Listings and Market Operations Committee of the Athens Exchange approved the appointment of the Member of Athens Exchange “LEON DEPOLAS INVESTMENT SERVICES S.A.” as Market Maker of the Company