Our new sustainable products made with pre- and post-consumed recycled material certified by Recyclass.

We are proud to present our new sustainable products developed by Thrace Polyfilms.

Shrink Film (30% Post-Consumed), Liners for FIBC bags (30% Pre-Consumed), Form-Fill Seal and Heavy-Duty Bags (25% Pre-Consumed) are developed to replace raw material with traceable recycled, while keeping their high-quality properties.

Certified by RecyClass, an initiative that advances plastic packaging recyclability and ensures traceability and transparency of recycled plastic content, and fully aligned with the European strategy for Plastics in a circular economy, our products have a positive environmental impact and contribute to the climate change mitigation.

Thus, they are getting Thrace Group closer to a circular economy model with tangible benefits for the environment and the plastic’s value chain.