Participation in the NARPY research project

The company Thrace NG, a member of the Thrace Group, participates in the subsidized research project "NARPY" entitled: "Nano-reinforced multifilament polypropylene yarns".

The aim of the project is the development of multi-stranded polypropylene (PP) nanocomposite yarns with increased mechanical strength and thermal stability. These yarns are a large category of industrial yarns with many different uses. A series of inorganic nanoreinforcements (nano-talc, wollastonite and attapulgite) will be used to enhance these properties. The action of these nanoenhancers will be examined both individually and in combination with each other but also with other additives (eg β-nucleating agents), which further help to improve the properties. It is also worth noting that in order to achieve the best possible properties, the components of the mixture (different contents of nanoreinforcers and additives) as well as the production parameters will be optimized, through the response surface methodology. The results of the NARPY project are expected to be of particular interest from both a scientific and a practical point of view. They are also expected to bring significant benefits to participating companies and increase their competitiveness, through the development of new products.

The project is financed by National and European Union funds through the Structural and Investment Fund.