Thrace Polybulk AB

Thrace Polybulk AB and Thrace Polybulk AS became member companies of Thrace Group in 2001. Until that time they had established a strong position in the Nordic market under the name Hydro Polybulk, the packaging division of Norsk Hydro, which was originally founded in 1982.




Optimal bulk packaging solutions: Thrace Polybulk product portfolio focuses on industrial packaging based on PP/PE-plastic materials. Polybulk offers a variety of bulk packaging solutions and aims to be a total supplier within the bulk bag segment, which includes both bags and equipment for filling, handling, storing and protecting the packed products. Being the global frontrunner in advanced logistical solutions based on FIBCs, the flagship of the Polybulk products is the Automatic Filling System for bulk bags.




FIBC/Bulk Bags, Technical Products, Cargo Protection Products, Container Liners, Filling Line Equipment, Nonwoven & Woven Geotextiles, Geogrids & Composites, Consumer Products and Handling Equipment .




Industrial packaging and packaging systems for bulk products within chemicals, feed, seed, geosynthetics, minerals and foodstuff.




The main markets of Thrace Polybulk have traditionally been Northern and Western Europe, but over the last decade Polybulk is becoming more a global player with activities also in North and South America, Asia and Australia.




Thrace Polybulk offers its business associates decades of experience in designing tailor made FIBC products for different applications. To meet customers growing demands on efficiency in logistics, Polybulk continuously presents new ideas and innovations, often in projects in close cooperation with customers. Another of Polybulk’s specialties is our long experience of working with multinational companies, supplying units all over the world. Thrace Polybulk is today the front runner in developing and supplying bulk bags on reel for almost all existing automatic filling lines in the world. With high competence, know-how and a vast range of products, Thrace Polybulk is a total supplier of technical solutions and equipment.

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