Thrace Plastics Co S.A.

“Thrace Plastics Holding and Commercial Société Anonyme” under the distinctive title “Thrace Plastics Co S.A.”, parent company of Thrace Group, derived from the spin-off of the Industrial Packaging production and trading division, from Thrace Plastics Co. S.A. The corporate action was completed in November 2017, with the subsequent title change of the latter.

Thrace Plastics Co S.A. was founded in 1977 in Xanthi, Greece by Stavros Chalioris, for the production and distribution of plastic packaging solutions and products. In 1995, the company shares got listed on the Athens Stock Exchange.

Today, Thrace Plastics Co S.A. holds a key role in: a) the capital participation and funding of the Group’s subsidiaries that operate both locally and abroad, b) the provision of accounting and tax services, administrational & organizational consulting and support, marketing and sales services, conduction of financial and investment studies and general consulting services, ensuring the smooth operation of the subsidiaries in multiple levels and c) the real estate development.

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