Lumite Inc.

In 2006 Thrace Group purchased a 50% equity share of Lumite Incorporated. Lumite began in World War II as part of the war effort as a business unit of Johnson & Johnson, a health care company based in the United States. In 2008 Thrace Group via Lumite purchased 50% of the Alto Georgia plant from Propex Inc. In addition to giving Thrace a presence in the growing US filtration business this acquisition enhanced their distribution of horticultural products and gave them an entry into the erosion control and high strength geotextile markets.




Approaching 70 years of producing proven woven fabrics and a focus on innovation Lumite leads the industry in monofilament and multifilament engineered fabrics for liquid filtration and erosion control applications. Lumite produces three dimensional fabrics for shock absorption in applications where cushioning, weight, breathability and stability are important. Lumite is also an industry leader in the horticultural market, offering highly stabilized shade material to protect plants and livestock from harmful exposure to ultraviolet rays and heat as well as durable ground cover fabric to inhibit weed growth.




Mining/solids separation, waste water treatment, municipal water filtration, pool and spa filtration, swimming pool covers, trampolines, backpacks, protective vests, military gear, footwear, ground cover, shade fabric, greenhouse film, turf reinforcing mats, geo tubes and antiviral screening.




Horticultural, Industrial, Recreational, Geotextiles and Military




Key markets are North, Central and South America. During the past five years Lumite has increased its presence in China and Australia.




  1. Nearly 70 year reputation for innovation and advanced thermoplastic technology.
  2. Ability to customize fabrics for performance solutions.
  3. Extensive technical support.
  4. Capabilities that include monofilament and tape extrusion, 4 to 18 harness fabrics, 3 to 20 ounces per square yard, multiple weave patterns (plain, twill, oxford, 3-D, and tubular), finishing/calendering up to 165”and in-house fabrication.
  5. Quality from start to finish--timely corrective action and in-depth root analysis.
  6. Customer Commitment — Our goal is to be our customer’s preferred supplier. We never forget that Lumite’s success is dependent on our ability to exceed our customer’s expectations for innovation, performance, delivery and price.

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