Thrace Greenhouses

Thrace Greenhouses were established in 2013 in Neo Erasmio, Xanthi, by two Greek groups with dynamic presence in the global market, Thrace Group and Elastron, that made the strategic decision to invest in innovation and sustainable agriculture.



By utilizing the hydroponic cultivation method and benefiting from the rich Geothermal energy sources in the greater area, Thrace Greenhouses can guarantee the supply of high quality, low carbon footprint vegetables all year round. By operating in their state-of-the-art facilities that currently occupy 14Ha plot of land, Thrace Greenhouses are the largest geothermal greenhouses in Europe. The company is certified for its Good Agricultural Practices by the GLOBALG.A.P. (GGN 4052852805575).



Hydroponic tomatoes and cucumbers.



Geothermal Energy, Hydroponic Agricultural Production. Low Carbon Footprint - Zero Emissions of CO2.



The main markets of Thrace Greenhouses are currently Greece and SE Europe.



Through targeted investments in know-how and facilities, we are able to maintain constant supply of nutritious and tasty low carbon footprint vegetables with no cost for the environment: Due to the use of the renewable Geothermal energy, all heating needs are met in an environmentally friendly way, while the hydroponic production method that we apply lets us ensure ideal cultivation conditions throughout the year, in full respect towards the environment. Furthermore, THRACE GROUP'S vast experience in the food packaging sector is our asset to create customized packaging solutions, designed to meet any customer's need or specification.

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