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Thrace Plastics Pack S.A.

Thrace Plastics Pack was founded in 1997, with the establishment of a new Thrace Group plant in Ioannina, Greece, focusing entirely on packaging solutions.



Optimal packaging solutions: Thrace Pack product portfolio focuses on PP/PC/PE packaging solutions destined to serve the Food and Chemical/Paint sector. We use a combination of high-end production technologies with the latest decoration techniques (IML, Offset printing, Shrink Sleeving), in order to provide our customers with customised products that in their market with their unique identity.



Injection Moulded Containers, Thermoformed Cups & Lids, Thermoformed Drinking Cups.



Industrial packaging for the Paint/Chemical Industry and Consumer Packaging for the Food industry.



The main market of Thrace Pack has traditionally been South East Europe, but over the past decade it has become a considerable player in Northern and Western Europe. Lately Thrace Pack has expanded its activities towards new markets, such as Africa and the Gulf based areas.



Thrace Pack offers its business associates years of consolidated experience in designing packaging solutions for different applications and sectors. In order to meet the ongoing demands for logistics` optimisation, Thrace Pack continuously presents new ideas and innovations, often in close collaboration with its customers. Our wide customer base tangibly proves that we have what it takes in terms of products, technologies and know-how to work side by side with big multinational groups but also with local companies. Moreover, our focus on cost-effectiveness, customisation and sustainability along with our flexible and highly responsive attitude towards our clients are the added-value assets that make us an ideal partner.


Published Financial Statements