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Thrace Plastics Packaging DOO

Thrace Plastics Packaging Doo was founded in 2005 as a trading company, with head offices in Nova Pazova. Over the years, it established a strong position in the Ex-Yugoslavian market with our wide range of products. In 2012 it was renamed to Thrace Pack.



Thrace Pack product portfolio focuses on food and non-food industrial packaging. We are offering a packing solution for every need of our clients.



PP injection products, PP thermoforming cups with lids, EPS trays and delivery containers, Strech foil, PET packaging, PC bottles, Crates, Carton cups, Carton packaging.



Packaging for the Food and Non-Food industries. Packaging for fresh food and food delivery.



The main markets of Thrace Pack are the former Yugoslavian countries.



Thrace Pack offers the widest array of packing products, in all possible shapes and for all possible uses. Our large range of volumes and dimensions matches most customers` line requirements, but we can also provide custom-made solutions. Our products guarantee food safety, prolong shelf life and enhance product presentation. Using various decoration techniques, we can apply on our products any kind of branding so as to create an exceptional packaging look.

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