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Our Mission

Investing in our people, encouraging lifelong learning, collaboration, initiative, and personal achievement.

Having not just products but complete and innovative solutions that adapt to the needs and demands of our customers.

Respect the environment and the societies in which we work and live.

Our Strategy

The principles of Sustainable Development are integrated in the corporate culture of the Group in the whole range of its operation. In this context, and recognizing the impact that our activity has, we seek to implement practices that promote Sustainable Development and commit ourselves through our policies for employees, the circular economy, ethics, product liability, the environment and social action, to remain a reliable social partner.
We contribute to the Circular Economy and the Economy of New Plastics.

We adapt our strategy to achieve the creation of shared value to our stakeholders and the wider market, society, and the natural environment, through our products.

We operate with integrity.
We operate with transparency and business integrity in all our activities.

We create value for our people.
We contribute to employment and create value for our people, ensuring their health, safety, prosperity and development, with respect for human rights, diversity and the provision of equal opportunities.

We operate with respect for the environment.
We assess and manage the risks to the natural environment that may arise from our activity.

We contribute to the local community.
We listen to and respond to the needs of the local community, through ongoing consultation with our stakeholders.

  • To minimise waste and maximise reprocessing and recycling opportunities, so as to continuously improve our output to input ratio.
  • To burn and use fossil fuels as efficiently as practicable and investigate new ambient and renewable energy sources.
  • To reduce the amount of pollution, particularly CO2.
  • To include the reclamation of water in our manufacturing processes.
  • To monitor appropriate emissions and effluents (if necessary utilising external expertise) and work towards progressive reductions.
  • To ensure that all of our products are developed, produced, packaged, transported, marketed, used and disposed of safely without damaging health or the environment.
  • To provide adequate training for relevant personnel, enabling them to contribute fully to the environmental and energy management system.
  • To encourage our suppliers in sharing our sustainability mission.

  • To instil within the Group a Quality Culture that involves all personnel.
  • To establish and maintain partnerships with suppliers and customers to optimise the value adding supply chain.
  • To establish and maintain a documentd Quality Management System to assure our customers that the product and services which they receive will be fit for use and of consistent quality, meeting the recognised ISO standards where applicable.
  • To invest in the latest technology appropriate to our business.
  • To use statistical techniques to monitor our processes and to identify trends.

  • To be the most valued company for the communities where we work and live and maintain the community trust that we have built upon which all these years.
  • To be sensitive about local needs and help improve the quality of life by financing community programmes and institutions.
  • To be accessible to local non-profit organizations and help them reach their goals through contributions.
  • To create valuable partnerships with academic institutions so as to promote innovation and the creation of knowledge.
  • To raise awareness on key social issues related to our business practices.


Creating value for Society and the Environment
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