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Thrace Polyfilms S.A.

Since 2010, the company has been producing garbage bags in rolls, while later on undertook the management of production and trading of PE/PP packaging solutions, towards developing Thrace Group's sales network even further.



Thrace Polyfilms S.A. operates blown film production lines of single-layer film as well as flexi labelling machinery for the PE/PP products. The company is also equipped with modern bag cutting, sealing and rolling lines from well-known machinery manufacturers, to produce two types of garbage bags: draw tape and open top.



PE Bags, FFS film, FIBC liners, Shrink film, Top Cover, Stretch Hood, Shrink Pallet Cover Film and metalized & PE bags in box. Also available, two types of Garbage Bags in rolls with draw tape & open top.



The wide range of PP/PE products of Thrace Polyfilms S.A. serve the chemicals, animal feed, minerals and food & drink industry. The metalized and PE bags in box, cover all packaging needs for Wine, Spirits, Ciders, Pulps, Dairy products, Edible oils, food service mixes (e.g. egg mix), Water. The garbage bags are the reliable solution for all kinds of garbage collection needs, suitable for both professional and domestic use.



The company is active mainly in Greece, while at the same time maintaining a strong sales network in the Eastern Europe, in Great Britain and many more European countries.



Being a member of Thrace Group, that focuses on both the trade and the manufacturing industry, we have the experience and the know-how to meet the market's needs and specifications. Thanks to the quality of the customized solutions and support services provided, we manage to build our business partnerships on trust. By investing on innovation and on new product development, we are able to stand out from the competition, therefore establishing our position in a dynamic global market.


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