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Thrace Polyfilms S.A.

Thrace Polyfilms manufactures a wide range of Technical and Packaging films offering sustainable solutions to the food, nonfood, medical and construction industries.



Applying mono-layer and multi-layer blown film extrusion methods, the company converts PE and PP to produce Technical Films for industrial uses and food packaging. Thrace Polyfilms also produces draw tape and open-top garbage bags, using Flexoprinting machines and cutting-edge bag-cutting, sealing and packaging lines.



Technical Films: Breathable films, Lamination films, Films for PPE.

Industrial Packaging: FFS film and Heavy-Duty Bags; Stretch, Shrink and Pallet Cover Hoods; Shrink Films; FIBC Liners; Draw tape and open-top garbage bags.

Food Packaging: Metalized & PE Bags in Box.



Thrace Polyfilms’ products offer solutions to the Industrial Packaging sector (chemical products, fertilizers, raw materials, animal and fish feed, minerals, food & beverages), in the Food Industry (wine, spirits, water, edible oils, detergents, pulps) and for Technical Films’ applications (construction, medical, food packaging and labels).



Mainly focused on the European Market and rapidly expanding globally.



Thrace Polyfilms is active on manufacturing and trading since 2010. With the expertise, know-how and with close cooperation with its clients offers high quality products, customization and technical support, building long lasting relationships with key players around the world. Focusing on sustainable development and innovative R&D we stand out from the competition, establishing our position in a dynamic global market.