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Tunnels and Underground


Underground tunnels are created to serve demanding projects i.e. to support road highways that cut through mountains. Due to the existence of ground water, tunnel walls are typically lined with waterproof membrane layers which require high protection from potential damage that can be caused by construction operations.


Thrace Group PNW Needle-punched Nonwoven geotextile series can be used as protective layers for lining systems, offering superior mechanical properties of tensile strength/elongation, static puncture as well as perforation resistance.


  • High protection of waterproof membrane
  • Long-term resistance to alkaline media

Nonwoven Geotextiles

Product Name Tensile Strength MD Tensile Strength CD Resistance to Static Puncture Water Flow Rate
P100NW 5 kN/m 5 kN/m 1500 N 180 l/m2/sec
P150NW 8 kN/m 8 kN/m 2000 N 110 l/m2/sec
P200NW 15 kN/m 15 kN/m 2900 N 80 l/m2/sec
P250NW 17 kN/m 17 kN/m 3350 N 70 l/m2/sec
P300NW 22 kN/m 22 kN/m 4000 N 65 l/m2/sec
P350NW 28 kN/m 28 kN/m 4500 N 45 l/m2/sec
P400NW 33 kN/m 33 kN/m 5000 N 40 l/m2/sec
P450NW 36 kN/m 36 kN/m 5500 N 40 l/m2/sec
P500NW 44 kN/m 44 kN/m 6200 N 35 l/m2/sec
P600NW 52 kN/m 52 kN/m 7400 N 30 l/m2/sec
P700NW 70 kN/m 70 kN/m 8500 N 30 l/m2/sec
P800NW 75 kN/m 75 kN/m 10000 N 25 l/m2/sec
P900NW 90 kN/m 90 kN/m 10500 N 25 l/m2/sec
P1000NW 95 kN/m 95 kN/m 11500 N 20 l/m2/sec
P1100NW 100 kN/m 100 kN/m 12000 N 20 l/m2/sec
P1200NW 105 kN/m 105 kN/m 14000 N 20 l/m2/sec
P2000NW 150 kN/m 150 kN/m 25000 N 7 l/m2/sec
P1500NW 120 kN/m 120 kN/m 20000 N 10 l/m2/sec