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Thrace Greiner Packaging SRL

Thrace Greiner Packaging SRL became a member company of Thrace Group in 2002, as a joint-venture between Greiner Packaging SRL Romania and Thrace Plastics Pack S.A. Greece.



Thrace Greiner Packaging SRL is an expert of PP-based Injected packaging, equally designed for industrial and home applications. It is one of the leading suppliers of the Romanian market as well as neighboring countries.



  • Round and oval buckets and lids, with volumes between 1lt to 18lt with IML finishing
  • Oval or rectangular containers; IML finishing with volumes of 0.85lt -1.2lt
  • Full range of rounds buckets between with volumes starting from 1lt to 18lt with offset printing


The injected products from Thrace Greiner Packaging are sold to and used in the following industries:  

  • Food Industry (dairy products, ketchup & mustard, ice cream, nutritive bases/substances)
  • Paints industry


The main market of Thrace Greiner Packaging SRL is Romania. The estimated market share of Thrace Greiner Packaging SRL in the profile industry is about 75% in the dairy sector (cream, yogurt) , over 60 % in the ice cream sector and 45% in the paints industry. 



Thrace Greiner Packaging SRL offers to all its business partners/customers a series of benefits:

  • High quality products
  • Highly efficient logistics that meet customers growing expectations
  • Flexibility, while continuously adapting to market changes
  • New ideas and innovations, in projects conducted in close cooperation with customers.  

The high level of competence, in-depth know-how and wide range of products, make Thrace Greiner Packaging SRL one of the leading suppliers of plastic packaging products in the Romanian market.