Reducing costs and construction time with Thrace NG geotextile at Sadinata Non-Hazardous Waste Landfill


The project involves the construction of waste treatment plant in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The US$400 million project includes the following:

1. Construction of 14ha sanitary landfill
2. Construction of a mechanical biological treatment plant with annual capacity of 410,000 tonnes per annum
3. Construction of a bio waste composting plant
4. Construction of a green waste composting plant with capacity of 24,000 tonnes per annum
5. Construction of a cooling plant
6. Construction of a raw material storage unit
7. Construction of related infrastructural facilities
8. Installation of electricity supply lines
9. Installation of safety systems


The project involves the construction of a waste treatment plant and is being implemented in phases.
The first phase includes the construction of a 14ha landfill at Sadinata for non-hazardous bio-waste that has been pre-treated in a Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) plant, it will have capacity of 2,825,000m3. This capacity will be rolled out in four cells, the first two of which will be able to cope with 390,000m3 and 515,000m3 of waste, equivalent to 32% of the total landfill capacity.

It includes the installation of bio-waste treatment facility at Han Bogrov, which can process 24,000 tonnes per annum of separately collected green waste and a treatment facility at Han Bogrov for separately collected bio-waste with capacity of 20,000 tonnes per annum.

The second phase includes the construction of an MBT facility with an annual capacity of 410,000 tonnes.
It includes the construction of a sanitary landfill,a bio-waste composting plant, a green waste composting plant, a cooling plant and a raw material storage unit, and installation of mechanical biological treatment, safety systems and electricity supply lines.

The first phase started operations in 2014 and the second phase Inauguration was held in September 2015.


Thrace Group polypropylene nonwoven geotextile P2000NW have been employed in Sadinata landfill. The function of the P2000NW nonwoven geotextile was protection from sharp soil surfaces to HDPE geomembrane liner. 

Advantages of Thrace NG Nonwoven Geotextiles

Thrace NG P2000NW nonwoven geotextile is UV stabilized virgin polypropylene, needle punched. It’s manufactured at one of Thrace NG facilities, with the latest state-of-the-art fiber extruders and needle punching lines. Production process is fully vertical integrated, which guarantees quality consistency.

Thrace NG nonwoven geotextile P2000NW offers a high puncture resistance, wide width of 6m for minimum overlap saving on overlap wastage. 

Project Owner : Sofia Municipality  ContractorJoint Venture Geotehmin-Unieco