Our People

Paul Leigh

“With responsibilities for HR in both Don & Low and more recently the Thrace companies in Europe, the Group’s commitment to maintaining and developing a working environment that is stimulating, rewarding and enjoyable makes it a pleasure to work for the Group.”

Paul Leigh, Human Resources Manager- Don & Low Limited, Human Resources Manager-Europe Thrace Group

Brian Sparks

"Working for Thrace Linq within the Thrace Group of companies has proven to be exciting, challenging and rewarding. In today’s business climate, having ownership that thinks and acts with a long-term perspective is something to be appreciated. Our ideas, opportunities, and growth plans are always met with open minds and global strategic thinking. "

Brian Sparks, Director of Sales and Business Development, Thrace Linq (USA)

Tatjana Miletic

"I have been working in Thrace Pack Serbia since the very first day it was established, back in 2005. Ever since, I have seen it grow and I, as well, grew along with the company. I tried different job positions, I was self-motivated to learn all aspects of our business, I got inspired to take my own initiatives. It’s true that I have worked a lot and I still do, which has always been my personal choice, and I can surely say that my efforts have been fully recognised and rewarded".

Tatjana Miletic, General Manager, Thrace Pack (Serbia)

Dimitris Nalmpantis

"For me this is not just a working place; it’s a working home. Thrace Plastics truly believes in its people and supports them so that they can grow and evolve within the company. It is a healthy organisation that has never ceased growing since its establishment, while at the same time it ensures the safety of its employees. It is a friendly and warm working environment where you enjoy saying “hello” to everyone, every single day". 

Dimitris Nalmpantis, Sales Executive, Thrace Plastics (Greece)

Keith Galloway

“As an experienced manager within Don and Low Limited Nonwovens - member of Thrace Group, I have enjoyed a wide range of exposure to new processes, diverse group of businesses and employees that the Thrace group affords. Working at all levels within the company we can see ongoing benefits from group collaboration and cross fertilisation of experience and views. Maintaining a quality level in all that we do, whilst ensuring positive group communication and flexibility of employees, will undoubtedly lead to a sustainable group business. Thrace Group is a talented business with talented people.”

Keith Galloway, General Manager-Nonwovens, Don & Low Limited (UK)

Kevin Crothers

"At Thrace Synthetic we enjoy the best of both worlds, having the operating advantages of a small company with the business opportunities of a big one. It is a great benefit for a distributing company to belong to a multinational Group that steadily keeps growing: our product portfolio is constantly enriched with new products that boost our sales opportunities, while at the same time we can have first hand communication with the manufacturer – Thrace Group companies around the world".

Kevin Crothers, Director, Thrace Synthetic (Ireland)

Kirsti Arvesen

“I love working in Thrace Polybulk, and I guess I am not the exception, since most of my colleagues have stayed with the company for many years. It is this feeling of being valuable that brings out the best of you. Being involved throughout all business stages, from production to distribution, being heard when a need arises, being treated with personal attention and consideration, are all the right reasons to keep my inspiration alive in order  to fully contribute to the success of Thrace Polybulk".

Kirsti Arvesen, Purchase Director, Thrace Polybulk (Norway)

Ekrem Kourouk

"I believe it is very rare to find a company like Thrace Plastics, because it truly supports and cares for its people. Throughout the 24 years that I have been working here, they have always stood by my side when some need came up, like when I had an accident. It is my pride and honour being part of such an exemplary company".

Ekrem Kourouk, Technician, Thrace Plastics (Greece)

Dimitris Raxionis

"In Thrace NG we have a great working environment, far better than that of other industries I have worked for: communication and understanding between employees and management is impeccable. We are stimulated to expand our knowledge so as to keep up with the latest technologies and universal standards and improve in our work, quality being our priority. I have been working in Thrace Group for 14 years and I believe that I will remain till my retirement".

Dimitris Raxionis, Quality Control, Thrace NG (Greece)

Costas Tsaousidis

“The great prospects for personal development along with the opportunity to create new products based on innovative thinking, are the main reasons that allow me to enjoy my job at Thrace Group for 14 years now”.

Costas Tsaousidis, Plant Manager NP Nonwovens, Fiber & Yarns, Thrace NG (Greece)

Thanasis Gouliarmos

"It is a company that cares for its people: that’s how I would characterize Thrace Plastics in one sentence, after 33 years of working here. We always get what we ask for. Both my sons are also working here – I just told the management that they were looking for a job and they employed them straight away".

Thanasis Gouliarmos, Plant Maintenance Supervisor, Thrace Plastics (Greece) 

Thodoros Gouliarmos

"My job makes me happy in all respects: working conditions, relations, environment… It’s a company that gives you the potential to thrive in various positions if you are eager to give it a shot".

Thodoros Gouliarmos, Operator, Thrace Plastics (Greece)