Thrace Eurobent S.A.

Thrace Eurobent is a joint venture between Thrace Plastics Co. S.A. and Eurobent Sp.zo.o., established in 2014. Its production line, which operates in Thrace, Northern Greece, since February 2015, employs the latest equipment and advanced manufacturing methods to offer high quality waterproof products aimed at environmental projects.



Combining the Thrace Group outstanding knowhow in geosynthetics with Eurobent’s expertise in bentonite products, Thrace Eurobent specialises in the production of Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCLs) that consist of two layers of geotextiles stitched together to enclose a layer of bentonite. Driven by innovation as well as a spirit of constant improvement towards protecting the natural environment, we provide our customers with top quality products that can guarantee the safety of their engineering projects.



Geosynthetic Clay Liners - GCL



Environmental protection, such as landfills, canal & storage reservoirs, tunnel seals.



Thrace Eurobent products are sold internationally, with Europe being a key market.



Our goal is not only to provide GCL products of the highest quality but also to offer the top customer service that makes us an invaluable partner. Each and every one of our customers is given the individual attention they deserve, by a skilled staff willing to provide solutions and react promptly to all needs and requirements, in order not only to meet them but to exceed them.