Thrace-Linq, Inc.

Commencing operations in May 2007, Thrace LINQ is a manufacturer of needle-punched nonwoven and a supplier of woven technical fabrics for a wide variety of textile applications across the Americas. Thrace LINQ specializes in engineered fabric solutions to manufacture nonwovens for uses from civil and environmental to industrial, specialty and agricultural.



Geosynthetics, Agricultural and Industrial Fabrics



Geosynthetics including Silt Fence, Woven Slit Film, Medium Strength, Monofilaments, Civil Nonwovens, Paving Fabrics, Environmental Nonwovens and Erosion Control. Agricultural including Agrotextiles Grouncover and Landscape. Industrial Fabrics including Absorbency, Agriculture, Automotive, Building Materials, Construction, Filtration, Furniture & Bedding, Laminates, Packaging and other Customer Nonwoven.



Industrial use.



The main markets of Thrace LINQ have traditionally been North America, and over the last five years Thrace LINQ is recognized as a player across Mexico, Central and South America while creating Thrace LINQ as an emerging brand across the Americas.



Thrace LINQ`s knowledgeable and courteous tenured staff offers its distributor network a higher level of personal interaction and prides itself on relationship building with both in-person networking and modern business tools such as its online and mobile application Product Finder. World class needlepunch nonwoven line provides innovative capabilities to manufacture products to fit customer needs. Vertically integrated manufacturing is just in time and provides distributors with quick response, ready to ship inventory, competitive pricing and enhanced value added services as rewinding, slitting, needling, testing, printing, packaging and labeling.

Accredited lab for physical and analytical testing. Customized solutions in raw materials, including polypropylene, polyester, polyethylene, polymer and color blends. Distribution strength and large state-of-the-art warehousing capabilties, including close proximity to Ports of Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA.