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Remuneration Committee


The “Recruitment – Remuneration of Executive Board Members & Senior Executives and Board Member Nominee Committee” consists of the following two (2) Non-Executive Members:

Konstantinos Gianniris Independent Non-Executive Board Member, Chairman of the Committee
Christos Siatis Non-Executive Member

The composition of the committee resulted from the replacement of the Non-Executive Board Member Mr. Christos Komninos by Mr. Christos Siatis (Non-Executive Board Member), in the Senior Executives and Board Member Nominee Committee, which took place during the Board’s meeting on 9 January 2012.


  • It shall meet regularly and in any case at least twice per year, as well as on an extraordinary basis whenever necessary (e.g. as regards the selection or replacement of a member of the Board of Directors or Manager, change of policies regarding employee remunerations etc.)
  • The Chairman of the Committee shall determine the agenda items, the frequency and duration of meetings so that the effectiveness and fulfillment of its duties be achieved.
  • The Secretary of the committee shall be appointed by the Chairman of the Committee and is obliged to inform the members with regards to the date, place and time of each meeting. In addition, responsibility of the Secretary is to make available to each member the items to be discussed one (1) week prior to each meeting. The relevant documents may be sent by electronic mail also.

During 2011 the Committee convened two (2) times

Rules of Procedure

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